Is Amazon Kindle worth it?

The article deals with E-book reader Kindle

Is Amazon Kindle worth it?
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I wasn't  fully aware of the utility of an ebook reader called Kindle until a few month ago. Being interested in tech, I was aware that it was e-book reader. However, I always thought that reading on a kindle would be similar to reading on a mobile phone or a laptop. But boy was I wrong?

I bought a kindle about a month ago. Since then, i found out multiple advantages of kindle. I will try to explain them as if telling it to a six year old.


The display of the kindle is a lot different from those of a laptop or a mobile phone. It has a technology named ink display, which creates a display as if it were a printed paper. This makes it quite easy on the eyes and increases battery life of the kindle.


Kindle weighs about 180-200 grams on average which is quite is easy to carry instead of heavy books. Furthermore, thousands of books can be stored in the kindle at the same time. The size of kindle also makes it easy to put on your palm without the fear of it falling.


Kindle is built exclusively for book reading. No other apps can be installed in it. Thus there will be no distration for you in the form of notifications.  Unlike the phone in which we get easily distracted and open other apps because of force of habit, kindle provides you no such option and keeps you focused.


With a reading of 1-2 hours daily kindle offers a battery life of about 10-15 days. This gives a huge advantage over phones and laptops when a person is traveling. If i am traveling I am always concerned about the battery level of my phone. Reading a book on the phone would drain its battery real quick leaving me no choice but to read less or leave my phone dead. Kindle having a long battery life creates ease for you and you can go beyond one week.


Built in dictionary in kindle offers meanings of the words just by tapping on them while reading a book. This feature eliminates the hassle of searching an unfamiliar word in the dictionary every time we encounter it. Furthermore, kindle saves the list of all the words we tap and try to find the meaning of. Thus it helps in building the vocabulary of a person.


This feature is not available in every kindle. However, for a kindle that has this feature it is quite useful . One can read in while watching rain without fearing that the gadget would get wet.


Well it depends entirely on the nature of user, Some people prefer reading physical notebooks while others love to explore more via digital tech gadgets and platforms. If you are one of those who like or prefer to read on some digital medium then this is definitely worth buying. E-books are cheaper than physical books. Furthermore, there are many e-books that are free as well.