Biggest Fashion Trends for Winter 2022

While autumn and spring have given us some jaw-dropping trends to follow, we are here with some fantastic fashion trends for this winter

Biggest Fashion Trends for Winter 2022
Image-Source: Pexels

Leather bottoms, Glitters, Punk, pleats and outerwear, are the trenders you will find on the runway this winter. This year-round fashion world is spreading by introducing basic tank tops as an extra style element or playing with the shades and tints of one colour to create a whole look. Fashion trends are evolving by the time and adding a little extra to up your style game. 

Here are some of the trends I would love to talk about:

Oversized outwear

Image-Source: Pexels

From leather jackets, Trench coats to Puffer jackets, oversized outwear has supported a new trend for winter 2022. It can be easily styled as streetwear or for a casual look, including notch collars and exaggerated shoulders added as a style element.

Tonal Dressing 

Many designers showcase the tones and shades of one colour on the runway. The basic idea is to create or design your whole outfit in one colour or to play with its tints, hues, tones and shades, add an extra-of texture, embellishments and design.

Leather bottoms 

Speaking of leather, it cannot go out of fashion. Leather has gits and glory, whether jackets, dresses, skirts, jumpsuits or bottoms. The silhouettes of pants consist of the mid-waist or high-waisted straight pants or baggy trousers its all there to keep you warm in style.


Pleated skirts, dresses, sleeves etc., are taking the fashion world like a storm. You can style pleats with skirts, blazers, maxi dresses or minis. Whether formal or informal, street or party wear, pleats always gel with every style.

White tank tops

Image-Source: Pexels

White tank tops are the trend which everyone has in their wardrobe. One can style a basic top with leather trousers, skirts, under the blazer or jumpsuit or with three pieces. You can style it the way you like.

All over glitter 

Speaking of glitters or sparkles, they have become a new craze or dream of almost every girl. Our renowned designers decided to sparkle some glitter on the runway for this season. You will see sequins on the fashion runways, so it's finally time to dig out your shimmer and embrace the glitters to leave a little sparkle wherever you go.

The maxi skirt

Skirts never go out of trend, whether mini or mani skirts. Now is the time to say goodbye to your mini skirts and welcome the maxi skirts. Several designer collections of maxi skirts are the new trend for this season and are all set or ready for a comeback.

Faux fur

Image-Source: Pexels

Animal prints or textures always find their way to come as a new trend by evolving their nature or style. This year, fur seems to be the season's trend, with more and more design houses surrendering to animal fur with more favourable variations. They are competing to produce the perfect fake hair. It looks to create with more style and edginess.


Punk is an OG style which occurs by the adaptation of rude, aggressive or often bizarre clothing. This led our design houses to create a design inspired by the true punk era in which we saw actual punk characteristics, including patchwork, sharp lines, stripes and buckles, which came as an overall edgy look to be trending for this season. 

Flaming Red Silhouettes

Red is a bold but powerful colour to work with, which is an actual colour for so many designers of this season, from a Dolce and Gabbana's exaggerated shoulders coat to a Versace down jacket. A special mention to Loewe's comprehensive, bold, realistic red lip dress look.

Well, that's all; let us know which you would like to follow or add to your fashion routine.