Dark Lips: Causes and Home Remedies

Boost your facial beauty and get rid of dark lips by applying these simple tips!

Dark Lips: Causes and Home Remedies
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Lips are one of the beauty signs. Having beautiful lips is a blessing. As people have different skin tones, everyone has their own lip colour. If you have dark lips, it means that you have more melanin in your lips. Melanin is referred to as the pigmentation of skin colour. Light colour represents less melanin, whereas dark represents high, and sometimes too much dark creates hyperpigmentation. Severe pigmentation is alarming because it is the cause of serious conditions.  Although some people have certain reasons for dark lips, this darkness can minimize your beauty, and sometimes it indicates serious medical conditions such as diseases or reactions to any treatment.

Causes of dark lips:

The following factors are responsible for the darkening of lips.

1. Sunspots 

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Protect your lips from sun exposure because UV rays of the sun make flat brown spots on your lip, it is also called liver spots. These spots are harmful to us. Whenever you go outside, always use sunscreens.

2. Smoking makes your lips dark

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Another cause of the darkness of lips is smoking. This is not only dangerous for your health, but it snatches your beauty too. Smoking cigarette contains tobacco which is responsible for various diseases like lung cancer, heart attack etc. Smokers not only lose their lip melanin, but it is also the main cause of death compared to non-smokers.

3. Dryness

Shortage of moisture leads to dryness. Lips always need moisture so they look pretty. Rough weather creates dryness in your lips and moisture loss; eventually, your lips become dark.

4. Anemia

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An iron deficiency called anaemia is the main cause of skin darkness. Like the face, neck and body, the Lips also become dark, when you have fewer red blood cells. These cells are responsible for blood circulation. Good circulation makes your skin tone lighter, whereas bad makes it darker.

Remedies of lips darkness:

By using these remedies, your lips' melanin becomes lighter.

1. Lemon juice

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Lemon juice is one of the best remedies for reducing darkness on the face, neck, and lips. Apply this juice to lips and gently rub. You should use this remedy if you have dark lips.

2. Drink more water

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Try to drink enough water; it keeps your body hydrated. Hydration makes your skin lighter and glowing.

3. Aloe and Glycerin Mixture

Aloe Vera is a natural plant which makes your skin smooth and fresh. You will need an equal quantity of aloe and glycerin to mix well. Apply this tip to your dark lips and eliminate the darkness problem.