From sneakers and booties to clog heels and pumps, fall 2022 trends have something for everyone.


A pair of shoes can be a life changer as we all grew up listening to our favourite fable of Cinderella. Weather change calls for a new shopping list. It is time to wrap your summer accessories and dive into top fall fashion trends. Here are the best five fall trendy shoes that will hold your entire look. Have a look!


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A stylish yet comfortable pair of loafers is a must-have for this fall season. The stores are trickled with this staple in different colours, sizes and loud designs, funky adornments and prints. Want to go a bit edgier? Go for a chunky version. For a classic and relaxed vibe, a flat pair with a men-inspired loafer suits you the best. You can also embrace a confident attitude by adding a pop of vibrant colour and bold patterns.


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Will fall fashion be complete without an arsenal of boots? From timeless long boots to lug-sole boots and western-style boots, options are endless. Victoria Beckham, Givenchy and Saint Laurent have bought second-skin boots back on runways. Wear them under a skirt or dress for warmth and a modern aesthetic.

Ballet Flats

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Ballet flats have been the highlight of the fall shoe trend after being showcased on runways. Ballet flats are a lot more different than your stinky hallway era. With beautifully designed patterns, styles and different hues, the versatility of ballet flats will make your life easier. Just invest in a pair of ballet flats and make your style stand out from the crowd with unique details and chicness.


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The hottest fashion of the ’70s era is taking hold this year. Clogs are a perfect match for any kind of dressing from straight baggy pants to skirts and full-length flared dresses. Adopt this comfortable yet chic trend and earn a few extra points for your fashion sense.


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Sneakers always stay at the forefront of fall fashion, and the retro runner style is the winner this year. Investing in a comfortable pair of sneakers is always a wise idea as this timeless fashion never fades away. This is comfortable and, most importantly, goes with everything from a casual street style to a formal Sunday brunch. Keep it simple yet trendy.

Let the shoe fall trend speak about your style. Stay cosy and comfortable yet warm in the trendiest way.