Get Trendy with Colored Eyeliners (Fall 2022)

Ditch your black eyeliner and get playful with your colored eyeliners. Imagining eye makeup without eyeliner is like eating ice cream without toppings. From winged eyeliner to classic kohl eyes, eyeliner defines one’s personality. Have you become a pro at your winged eyeliner after a lot of attempts? It takes a lot of concentration and patience to master the eyeliner game. This time, get more playful with your eyeliner. Bring your creative makeup artist out by entering into the venture of colored eyeliners. Find out five colorful eyeliners to create a dramatic look.

1. Waterproof Cushion Color by Danessa Myricks

Waterproof Cushion Color by Danessa Myricks
Source : danessamyricksbeauty

Get dreamy eyes and Instagram-worthy pictures with the versatility of this hue. Use an angled brush to create intricate line art for a subtle look. For a bold look, you can go for colored eye-catching lids.

Get inspiration for geometrical shapes and designs from makeup artist Mai Quynh who loves to use these electric pigments and neon shades.

2. Hydra Liner By Suva Beauty

Hydra Liner By Suva Beauty
Source : BeautyBay

As obvious from the name, hydra liner is one of the best choices when looking for smudge-free and long-lasting eyeliner.

Activate this formula by adding a drop of water and add a fresh vibe to your look. They are available in both matte and metallic finishes. You can also create custom shades by mixing the hues and also can change the intensity of pigment by adjusting the amount of water.

3. Split Liner By Glisten Cosmetics

Split Liner By Glisten Cosmetics
Source: glistencosmetics

Get more creative with the split eyeliner. Each split eyeliner palette comes with a versatile color combination and offers a unique amalgam of colors to get a more artistic feel.

Different hue combinations make split liners the favorite choice of Tiktok’s eyeliner and cut-crease expert Vanessa Funes. Matte, sheen, and due chrome, options are endless with split liner.

4. Super Pomade Vegan Eyeliner by KVD Beauty

Super Pomade Vegan Eyeliner by KVD Beauty

The multipurpose pomade can be used as an eye shadow pigment, eyebrow product, and colored liner.

The creamy formula guarantees complete coverage. It does not require water to activate. You must use a synthetic eye shadow brush for its application.

5. Longwear Pencil Eyeliner

Longwear Pencil Eyeliner
Source: fentybeauty

Want to go for the 60s mod look? Choose from twelve striking shades with shimmery as well as matte finishes.

This buttery formula also looks outstanding on the waterline. Makeup artist Vincent Oquendo loves reaching for Fenty Beauty Flypencil when she wants to create a 60's mod look.