The Legends of "MAULA JUTT” A Movie You Would Not Want To Miss

The Legends of "MAULA JUTT" A Movie You Would Never Want To Miss

The Legends of "MAULA JUTT” A Movie You Would Not Want To Miss
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Nawaan aya ae, Sohneya? Who is not familiar with this epic dialogue?

A marvellous spectacle with epic dialogue is back with a new twist. The much-awaited blockbuster movie ‘The Legend of Maula Jutt.’ meets the expectation of viewers with so much drama, a king-hearted hero, ferocious villains, romance, blood, and fights. This is the true depiction of Punjabi gandasa culture starring the heartthrob of Pakistan.

Fawad Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi. The Punjabi language film is the highest-budget movie in Pakistani cinema. Bilal Lashari, the mastermind behind this epic masterpiece, brilliantly added life to

Yunus Malik’s 1979 movie ‘‘Maula Jutt”.

With remarkable performances, awe-inspiring sets, spectacular visuals, clap worthy dialogues, every person who has worked behind and in front of the camera deserves a standing ovation. The tale of movie revolves around a rivalry between a boy named Maula Jutt, a character played by Fawad Khan, and a leader of a brutal gang, Noori Natt, played by Hamza Ali Abbasi. Natts are enemies of Maula Jutt, and every clan man is dominated by evil and barbaric behaviour.

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The family revenge story starts when "Maula Jutt" sees his parents murdered by the members of brutal Natts. The eldest, Noori Natt, is imprisoned by his father due to his fiercest nature. He believes that jail is the place where the fiercest men of the country are kept.

Fawad khan’s new persona, with kohl eyes and hair covering most of his face, is different from his previous chocolate hero persona. Despite his fierce character, messy hair, and braided look, Fawad Khan remains a heartthrob stealing millions of hearts.

Mahira Khan plays the role of Mukkho, who is Maula's ladylove and childhood sweetheart. She is the only ray of life and hope in the gloomy life of Maula. Gohar Rasheed is a younger Natt sibling who plays the role of Maakha Natt, and Humaima plays the character of Daro Natt, a vicious and merciless woman.

The family revenge movie has undoubtedly set a new benchmark in the history of Pakistani cinema. The legend of Maula Jutt is not just released in Pakistan. It has become a national pride and is loved and admired globally. 

A movie with a current IMDB rating of 9.5/10

This epic movie has opened in 25 markets worldwide, including the U.S, Canada, Norway, Germany, Spain, and South East Asia. Rebirth of the legendary rivalry movie, with mind-boggling performances by your favourite stars, is a visual treat. This masterpiece will require another fable of Maula Jutt to beat its record.